Art Consultant: Curating a space (not just having one).

Stefania has been a Curator all of her life. Her solid background as a historian and art critic, together with her unparalleled knowledge of art business, have allowed her to build a strong reputation in the market, and to build a wide network of relationships. 

It’s all about experience.

Curating an art collection, an art exhibition, or a luxury house is far more than a job: is a mission. It is about interpreting and giving tangible life to a vision, a concept, a lifestyle. It requires technical and analytical skills, strong knowledge of the market, a trained eye, an innate sensitivity, and decades of experience.

Exclusive masterpieces to live and inhabit.

In late 2016 Stefania founded 11HH Art Gallery, a corporation established in Florida and focusing on Italian Post-war and contemporary art both on the primary and secondary art market.
Stefania’s mission is to broaden the concept of art and lifestyle by tying fine art, design art, interior design and finally real estate in a unique experience. This means selecting, developing, planning, and executing projects for public spaces and private art collections, ranging in scale from intimate to monumental.