Real Estate as an Art

Curating an art collection, an art exhibition, or a luxury house is far more than a job: is a mission. It is about giving tangible life to a vision, a concept, a lifestyle. It requires technical and analytical skills, strong knowledge of the market, a trained eye, an innate sensitivity, and decades of experience.

Exclusive masterpieces to live and inhabit.

Stefania’s mission is to broaden the concept of art and lifestyle by tying fine art, design art, interior design and finally real estate in a unique experience. This means selecting masterpieces for an art collections. Sometimes, this also means finding the perfect space for that collection. A home masterpiece.

Stefania thinks of a home as an artwork itself. Finding a home, curating a space, making it an exclusive masterpiece to live and inhabit better work together if it is a unique undivided flow. At the same time, this ensures a no-stress experience, and provide convenience and efficiency of costs.

Stefania is currently Silver Preferred Agent at SOTHEBY’S CONCIERGE AUCTION, the most exclusive luxury real estate auction marketplace in the world.

Stefania is a REALTOR®.
NAR 279661825
DBPR 3553247 State of Florida